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Free DRA is now available

Hello everyone,

Some time ago we told you about our upcoming Free DRA version release.
Today we are glad to introduce you our product: Free DRA is now available here from the Download page!

To learn more about our Free DRA have a look at the Quick Start Guide and Release Notes.

Don’t forget to share your feedback in comments below or here on the forum!

Kind regards,
Yota PCRF Team

3.6.0 version is here and ready to serve the 2014 Winter Olympics

Hello everyone!

We are happy to share some great news with you! PCRF 3.6.0 release has started officially!

This version implements absolutely new strategy for SPR when DDF node becomes a permanent storage for subscribers profiles for all the systems interacting with the product. Of course you can use previous distributed SPR mode as well. Also a very useful real-time monitoring tool called “Dashboard” was presented where you can find main system parameters. And last but not least, new version includes extended diameter session start push-mode notifications to outer systems, new supportive test tools, extra config parameters for extra flexibility, monitoring instruments upgrades and performance optimizations.

This new 3.6.0 release has already been deployed to the production and now is working successfully in Russia central region and Sochi, the city of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. You can also try it from the “Download” page here.

Kind regards,
Yota PCRF team

Free PCRF 3.6.0 is comming

Hello everyone,

Today we are glad to announce that Free PCRF 3.6.0 version is ready to come! We’ve finally finished new features implementation, various performance optimizations and bug fixing and the stabilization period has started recently.

Stay tuned not to miss the 3.6.0 launch!

King regards,
Yota PCRF team