Free PCRF for testing and evaluation

Hello everyone,

Our team in Yota devoted ourselves to development of such a useful and important component of the operator network as PCRF. Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) is an advanced policy management solution enabling the operator to dynamically control network elements and apply real-time policies based on service, subscriber and usage context. The key features we are really proud of are flexible script-based policy decision maker, multiple PCEF support (both parallel and consequent), wide range of IOTs with various vendors passed, easy-scalable architecture and diverse external interfaces for control and monitoring.

Success story of our product usage in real commercial network forced us to think about presenting the free version of our PCRF to the world. And now we are eager to know if the community really needs it. Tell us if you are interested in Free PCRF and if yes we will suggest the community the version for accumulating PCRF experience, the interoperability testing and our product evaluation.

To learn more about our PCRF have a look at the Product Description Guide and Performance test metrics

Kind regards,
Yota PCRF team