Yota Free DRA (Diameter Routing Agent)

We are pleased to announce that in addition to Yota PCRF now we developed our own DRA! Moreover, we have already started using it in the production network.
Later on there will be Free DRA version available for download, but firstly we’d like to give you more insight into the product.

Why do you need DRA?
The number of signal interfaces and signaling traffic volume continues to grow at an unprecedented rate in the core of highly loaded LTE network. DRA is a key element that streamlines all the flow of Diameter signaling messages in the network. It provides load balancing, simplifies connectivity between the nodes and prevents network element overload.

Using DRA to centralize the signaling traffic
Using DRA to centralize the signaling traffic

Yota DRA features and benefits:

  • Various vendor interoperability
  • Different interfaces support (Gx, Gy, Gz, Rf, Ro, Rx, S9, S13, Sy, S6a, etc.)
  • Multiple protocols support for routing, balancing and transformation: Diameter, HTTP, SOAP
  • Capacity of up to 100K messages/sec per server/blade
  • Linux based (Red Hat)
  • Centralized traffic management
  • Failover assurance
  • Session Binding
  • Active/Hot standby High Availability

If you are interested in Free DRA version, please comment below or send us your feedback.

Kind regards,
Yota PCRF team

13 thoughts on “Yota Free DRA (Diameter Routing Agent)

    1. Ekaterina Lalyko

      Hi Simon!
      Thank you for your interest, we’ll keep you posted on the Free DRA version.
      As for Free PCRF, you can already try it now from the “Download” page!

  1. laurent

    Dear Yota team,

    I would also be very interested to try this DRA solution, I am really enjoying the discovery of your FreePCRF solution at the moment. Kind regards,


    1. Ekaterina Lalyko

      Hi Laurent,

      We are glad to hear that!
      Free DRA version is ready for release now, but currently we are preparing all the documentation. As soon as we’re done with it, we’ll make the product available from the “Download” page.
      Stay tuned!

    1. Ekaterina Lalyko

      Hi Alex!

      Thank you for your interest.
      Presumably we will launch Free DRA version in the second half of May 2014.

  2. Binu


    I am interested in free DRA, please notify me when it is posted on download page


  3. Ed Sauer

    I am also very interested in the DRA and pleased to hear it is close to being released. I will be downloading the PCRF as soon as I can to try that out.

    Thank you for making these available as both will help me enhance my understanding of these beasties.


    1. Ekaterina Lalyko

      Hi Ed,
      You can already try Free DRA and Free PCRF version now from the “Download” page!

  4. Tuan Anh

    Dear DRA team,
    I’m very interested in DRA. I’m looking forward to your release.
    You told about 14th May, I’m excited to get it from your download page.
    Please post as soon as possible.I will use and feedback immediatly.
    Thanks and best regards,


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